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Winter Patterns on the Texas Coast

The eerie sound of silence has hit the Texas bays as many of the outdoorsmen and women have parked their boats and started chasing furry animals.  The thing is, this is the beginning of some of the best fishing in the Texas bays.  As the fronts start pushing through, the fish become more predictable with the tidal patterns.  The Texas Saltwater Series TV show will be filming in the following few weeks for our April broadcasts.  I will be focusing on flooded back creeks on the back side of our barrier islands such as Matagorda and St. Jo.  Mid-day I will be moving out to the reefs casting slow sinking baits to the areas of the reef that the tide will be pushing water through.  If you are near barge traffic, be ready when the water gets pushed around the reef by the barges wake.  Those times can wake-up even the most stubborn fish. 

Be safe on the water and if you see me in my Majek Illusion with my ETEC, make sure and wave.  Make sure and share your photos and stories on E-NATION! 


Scot Simmons

Texas Saltwater Series TV Show

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Re: Winter Patterns on the Texas Coast

Very similar situation in Florida. The crowds thin out and the fishing is still very good. You just have to change up your patterns and target different fish!