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Fuel pump and reservoir

I have a 2011 150 HP E Tec purchased new in 2012. Ihave about 70 hours on it and am currently waiting for my 3rd fuel pump and reservoir(5006084). I do love my E Tec. The problem seems to be a bad gas tank and moisture some how getting in. The other two pumps were found to be water contaminated and I am assuming the same will be found on inspection then this one is removed.


I have replaced all the hoses on the gas tank and in addition I put about 7 lbs of air pressure in the tank this spring with no sign of leakage. I completely emptied the tank and in my 17 hours of use so  far this year was only putting 6-7 gallons of gas in the tank each time that I went out. All seemed fine till last week when she would not start and the mech diagnosed a bad pump.


I am resigned to by passing the gas tank and running from an above deck tank. I am considering adding a Racor fuel water seperator immediately next to the Evinrude fuel water seperator.It would be the same 10 micron as the Evinrude filter I am so concerned with the Ethanol and water issue and want to do all I can to address it..


Any comments or experience is much appreciated

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Re: Fuel pump and reservoir

the water in the fuel could also be the phase separation mixture of ethanol and moisture from E-10 gasoline that is absorbing humidity in the air and condensation from the sides of  the fuel tank. It is more prevalent in boats used infrequently.


To minimize the effects of phase separation, keep the tank full as possible and use Evinrude's 2 + 4 Fuel Conditionor to slow down the process and preserve the fuel.


If the water is from intrusion through the cap, vent, or porosity, then that has to be addressed right away.


You can replace the boat's spin-on filter element with a conversion kit from Racor that includes their 10 micron filter element and a plastic sight bowl with a drain. See your dealer or a marine supply outfit as Racor makes models for the Merc/Yamaha and the OMC/BRP styles of filters.




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